A list of most of the games that I’ve worked on (if it’s not playable, it’s not listed).


A 2D puzzle-platformer with a level editor. Built in Flash using ActionScript 3.0. This was a single-semester project that continued as a side project for a few additional months. Teammates: Bernadette Parina, Carlos Carbonell, Henry Lopez, Justin Yang, Luke Undhjem, Mike Humphrey.
Play it at:
Read the source code.

Magnet Ball

A competitive, 2-player game that is best described as telekinetic soccer. Programmed in Flash using Stencyl and ActionScript 3.0. Built in about two months. Teammates: Tyler May, Zuoming Shi, Amy Pribadi, Pooria Rashidi, Valerie Dugie, Scott McGowan, Logan Barnes, Teresa Frazier.
Play it at:
Watch a video of two people playing the game.
Read the postmortem (also republished on Game Career Guide).
basic gameplay

Interstate 34

Beat up cars smaller than you to get points! Don’t get hit by bigger cars or you lose your combo! Built with Unity Engine and 3DS Max during Ludum Dare 34. This game won the 2nd-place prize for single-person projects at the Seattle Indies LD34 event.
Download the executable (PC, Mac, Linux)
Download the source files
Visit the Ludum Dare submission.
Read the mini-postmortem.


A story-based, first-person, unsettling game about an aspiring artist coping with anxiety. Built in Unreal Engine 4 during Ludum Dare 32. Teammates: Evan Witt (sound), Keegan O’Rourke (art), Kawan Welth (writing).
Download the executable (Windows only).
Watch the trailer on YouTube.
Visit our Ludum Dare submission.

Now That I’m Gone

A super sad, story-based game about an old man who’s dog died. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 Made in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2015 with six other teammates. Programmed in Unity.
Download the executable and source files (Windows, Mac, Linux).
cut 3

Fighting Blind

A competitive, 2-player fighting game about fighting in the dark. Programmed in Flash using ActionScript 3.0. Built in one day.
Play it at:
Read the source code.
Watch a video of two people playing the game.
Fighting Blind

Plants vs. Robots

A game where you interact with plants to avoid robots. Programmed in Flash using ActionScript 3.0. Built in 48 hours for a game jam with a team of three people.
Download the executable.
Read the source code.

Robot 3000X

An infinite-running game where you evolve to gain new abilities the farther you run. Programmed in Flash using Stencyl. Built in 36 hours for a game jam with a team of four people.
Download the executable and source files.

Orange U. Blue

A competitive, 2-player, top-down shooter with wraparound edges. Built in Java in about two or three days for a local club competition.
Download the executable (for Windows).
Read the source code.
Watch a video of two people playing.
Read the source code for the C++/SFML port of this game.


At the University of Arizona, I joined a research project that was trying to use game design to manually gather data on the lives of ants from dozens of hours of video footage. I ported their Java prototype to Flash, made a mobile-friendly prototype, and experimented with different concepts to make the game more fun.
Read our research paper, published by the Symposium on Experimental Algorithms.
Play it at:

Course Combat

A fighting game where University of Arizona students can find out which of their engineering professors would win in a fight against each other. I joined late in the project, helping to do the grunt work of cropping and attaching professor photos to hundreds of animation frames so that they could meet their deadline. Built off of the M.U.G.E.N. fighting game engine.

course-combat1    course-combat2


Captain Pogostick

A single-player platformer featuring pogosticks. Built in GameMaker in about three weeks for a class project in a team size of two.
Download the executable (Windows only).
Download the source files.

Project Nightlight

A single-player, top-down shooter where light is ammo. Built in GameMaker for a class project in about two weeks, with a team size of two people.
Download the executable (Mac only).
Download the source files (GameMaker 8 Pro only).
Watch a video recording.

Going Viral

A 2-player board game about viruses. Printed on paper. Designed in about two weeks for a class, with a team size of three people.
Download the rule booklet and the game board.

Particle Racer

An unfinished 2D racing game prototype. Programmed in Flash using ActionScript 3.0. Built in less than a week, unfinished thanks to schoolwork.
Play it at:
Read the source code.
Watch a video recording.
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